Tap Handles

Pour your home-brewed beer in style.  These tap handles are customizable to your custom beer.  Hand-write the name directly on the stainless steel plate, or pin a label up with it.  Either way, dispense your beer with style without the fear of your friends renaming your beer when you aren’t looking like with the chalk board tap handles.  They are hand-made here in the USA. 

Parts Included

1 each – Tap Handle

1 each - Hex wrench

1 each – Hand polished stainless steel name plates  


The button head cap screws are used to hold the label plate on the back of the tap handle (or front if your prefer).  Align the label plate with the screw such that the corners are just under heads.  Do not over tighten.  Snug screws just firm enough to hold the label plate in place.

If labels are written with permanent marker, it can easily be removed with finger name polish remover, acetone, or Goo off®

Technical Specifications


Dimensions: 2.5” x 6.75”

Material: ¾” Acrylic with threaded steel insert

Label Plate:

Dimensions: 1.25” x 3”

Material: 303 Stainless steel – hand ground finish

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