Fermetor Cap


Surround your beer with food grade stainless steel instead of plastic.  Stainless steel is the preferred material for commercial brewers because bacteria has a difficult time growing on it, it is easy to clean, and impenetrable to oxygen.  With all the news of heavy metals in Chinese products and BHP leaching from plastics into food, why wouldn’t you use stainless steel for your fermentor?  The cost?  Here is your low cost made in the USA alternative.

  • Enables fermentation of 15 gallon batches in one container
  • Allow easy access inside fermentor for cleaning and sanitation
  •  Creates an alternative use for boiling keggle

How it works

The cap is placed over the opening of a keggle and pressed down onto the rim with an Aluminum cross bar and hand screw.  A food grade rubber is attached to the bottom of the cap, which makes the seal around the rim when pressed down with the hand screw.  No tools or modification to the rim is needed. 


Installation of the cross bar is easy, but there is a trick to it as explained below.  The keg cap cross bar is the correct length for use with typical half barrel kegs.  If used with a unique keg, such as offered by Coors, the cross bar will have to be modified.  Please read instructions completely. 

  1. The keggle must be prepared with a circular hole 11 ¾” - 9 ¼”.  Make sure sharp edges are not present to protect the seal from cuts. 
  2. Please the cap in the center of the opening
  3. Make sure the hand screw is backed off far enough to prevent interference with installation
  4. Slip one side of the aluminum cross bar through the handle on the keggle rim
  5. Pull the other side of the aluminum cross bar under the rolled end of the keggle rim beside the opposing handle opening
  6. Rotate the aluminum cross bar so both ends are under the keggle rim
  7. Center the hand screw over the cap and screw it in until the cap center is depressed approximately   3/8”
  8. Insert air-lock of choice and ferment into the perfect home brew
  9. Reverse process to remove

Caution:15gallons of wort and a keggle combine weighs approximately 150lb.  Use proper lifting techniques and a friend. 

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Technical Specifications

The keg cap is made from high quality (303) heavy gauge (14ga.) stainless steel and a smooth food grade elastimaric seal.  It will never rust and is easily cleaned and sanitized.  The cross bar is made from alloyed and heat treated aluminum with a stainless steel hand screw. 

        Cap Specifications:

                Dimensions:      12" diameter 14 gauge (0.078") 

                Material:             303 Stainless Steel

                Gasket:              1/8" thick x 12”O.D. x 9”I.D. food grade elastomer  

        Cross Bar:

                Dimensions:     1"x3/4" (must be shortened for Coors type kegs)

                Material:             6061 T6 Aluminum

        Tee Screw:

                Dimensions:   2.5" wide 3/8" diameter handle

                                       2.5" long 3/8"x16 thread

                Material:        303 stainless steel

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