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Features and Benefits

Improved Beer

Have you ever caramelized sugars on the bottom of your boiling kettle, changing the intended flavor of your beer? That burn on brown stuff at the bottom of your kettle is not good. 

  • Additional side heating eliminates the hot spot typically made while boiling with propane. With the Heat Guide your wort will always finish with its intended flavor.
  • Once boiling temperature is reached, the propane can be turned down significantly while maintaining the desired boil off rate which also reduces the heat concentrated on the bottom that can caramelize sugars in your wort.

Increased Efficiency 

Have you ever consumed half a tank of propane on a windy brew day? Propane is expensive. Why waste it?

  • The Heat Guide evenly distributes heat by directing heated exhaust from the burner around the sides of the kettle. The heated area of the kettle increases approximately four-fold when the sides are also absorbing heat.
  • The Heat Guide helps shield the heating container from the wind. Even on a warm day, wind can ruin your heating efficiency and increase the length of your brewing day.

Save Time 

Have you ever spent an eternity trying to get up to temperature before mashing? Brew days are long enough. Why not make them a little shorter? 

The Heat Guide increases the heating surface area and decreases heat loss, shaving time off your brew day.

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