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The Heat Guide comes in two precision laser cut sheets of metal (Top) that will easily folded into the finish form (bottom).  All bends have been laser perforated  to create an easy straight bend without the need of special tools.  Below is a list of tools that will make the job easier.  It’s like doing metal origami! 
  • 30" of corner to bend against (sharp corner is idea) 
  • Angle Tool - Included
  • Pliers - Recommended
  • Soft mallet - Optional
  • Tin snips*
*Required if modifications are needed for clearance on the burner stand or keggle attachments

The video below demonstrates how the Heat Guide may be assembled after it is received.  Since this video was produced, design modifications have been done to make bends requiring a mallet or pliers easier so they can be performed by hand.

!!Caution!! Laser-cut edges can be sharp! - Exterior edges have rounded to prevent users from being cut.  Main interior cuts are difficult / impossible to round before assemble.  Always handle with caution.
!!Caution!! After use the Heat Guide will be HOT! - The Heat Guide directs 600+ degree exhaust around the keggles outer wall.  This naturally heats the Heat Guide in the process.  Do not remove after use without heat resistant gloves.

The following video is an example full assembly:

Example Assemly

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