The Heat Guide is patent-pending technology for anyone that brews / cooks in a standard 16 gallon keggle (keg kettle). It is installed or removed in seconds and effectively uses all side of the keggle for heating and reduces unwanted heat loss which increases your efficiency. 

Professional brewers use steam jackets to spread the heat over a greater area to prevent hot spots.  This is as close to a steam jacket as home brewers can get without spending thousands of dollars.  Benefits are:
  • Improves the quality of your beer by preventing flavor changing hot spots
  • Increases heating efficiency 
  • Shaves time off you brewing day
  • Easily assemble with instructional video
  • Easily installed and removed for keggle cleaning
  • Saves propane (MONEY/ TRIPS TO THE STORE)
This product will pay for itself in saved propane and time.  

Important things to consider before purchasing: 

  • The heat guide has a 1 inch stand off from the keggle diameter
  • The Heat Guide is a split design for easy removal and can be easily modified to fit around a spigot and thermometer if vertically aligned*
  • The heat guide will NOT fit if the keggle has thermometer or spigots that are out of vertical alignment.
Burner Stand
  • The Heat Guide hangs 2 inches below the rim of your keggle
  • If your burner stand is greater than 18 inches across slight modification will be needed*
*Tin snips will be required to trim and modify.  See the end of the instructional video for details

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